Recent Publications

BP. Bowser, D. Lewis, D. Dogan and C. Word (2010) Drug Treatment Clients and their Community Peers: How They Differ, Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse. Forthcoming.

BP. Bowser, T. Jenkins-Barnes, C. Dillard Smith and G. Lockett (2009) Harm Reduction for Drug Abusing Ex-Offenders: Outcome of the Cal-Pep MORE Project. Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work. In press.

BP. Bowser (2007) The Black Middle Class: Mobility and Vulnerabilities. Boulder: Lynne Rienner Publishers.

BP. Bowser, E. Quimby and M. Singer (eds.)(2007) When Communities Assess their AIDS Epidemics: Results of Rapid Assessment of HIV/AIDS in Eleven U.S. Cities. Lanham: Lexington Books.
Prior Work In:
Race, Racism and Social Class
HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse Prevention