During 1993-94, the C.E. Smith Museum mounted a major exhibit on the archaeological site of Yema-po. The site, excavated by students and faculty of the Department of Anthropology, represents the remains of a work camp occupied by the overseas Chinese laborers who constructed the San Leandro Reservoir (Lake Chabot) between 1874 and 1875. You can take a tour of the excavation, the artifacts found and the history of the San Leandro Reservoir by exploring the topics below:

The Excavation
The History of the San Leandro Reservoir Construction
Yema-po and the Chinese in 19th Century Newspapers
The Diet
Opium, its Use and its Paraphernalia
Coins and Gambling Tokens
Ceramics and Chinese Identity
What the Glass Bottles Tell Us
The Metal Hardware
Above Yema-po (CA-Ala-429H): A Request for Information

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