San Leandro Reporter

November 22, 1879

The case of the People vs. Ah Jim, arrested for exhibiting a weapon in a rude and threatening manner toward John Williams. Williams, the complaining witness, states that the Chinaman trespassed on his property, and when told to leave he would not, but drew a revolver and threatened to shoot him, (Williams) if he did not go away. The testimony went to show that Ah Jim went of the side of Williams' land in order to get out of the mud in the street, and was stoned and pushed about by Williams and a boy. He intimated that he had a pistol but did not draw it.

The pistol in question is a fiver shooter badly out of repair, and better fitted for an ornament for a Chinese Joss house than for an agent of destruction. Mr. Rawson was attorney for the defense. After sitting a few minutes, the jury returned a verdict of "Not Guilty", and gave Williams the fun of paying the costs of court--$8.80. If this was done in every case that is brought into court on groundless complaints, there would be fewer needless rows, and more money in the treasury.

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