CA-ALA-429H: A Companion Site

In 1980, during the first season of excavation at Yema-po, a second overseas Chinese site was discovered in Lake Chabot Regional Park. This site, located high above San Leandro Creek, has been designated officially as CA-Ala-429H. Due to the presence of a prominent brick feature found on the site surface, CA-Ala-429H quickly came to be called "the kiln site." However, no signs of heat or burning were found on the bricks and there has never been a definative identification of this structure. Below you will find a locational diagram and two views of the brick feature: one taken from the slope above the feature and the other taken on the terrace surface adjacent to the feature.

Any input regarding the identification of this feature will be greatly appreciated.

Location of CA-Ala-429H on the hill slope above San Leandro Creek

View of feature from left side looking Northwest

View of feature from front looking Southwest

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