"Malay dagger" and wooden sheath. This is not a letter opener.
Moslem "Malay dagger" and sheath of brass and iron. The T'Boli and Maranao specialize in making fine knives like this.

Miscellaneous Knives
This utility knife is sharp on the inside of the blade's curve. It may have been used in animal sacrifices.
Malay dagger and sheath
The bolo is a Filipino invention, popularized by the Ilokano. It is similar to the Malay parang.
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Ifugao game knife and sheath
Agta knife and sheath, circa 1900
Brass and bone belt dagger from Mindanao. These ubiquitous "datu knives" are worn on the hip as a status indicator in the south
Large bolo knife, provenience not recorded. Grip fashioned of abaca fiber.
Knife and sheath, provenience uncertain
The Ifugao hangap bolo is an essential part of the livery

Ifugao game knife and sheath

Like many people, the Ifugao forge their own steel

Agta knife with leather sheath

Probably city-made and acquired in trade

Without a doubt, the most essential tool in the Philippines is the small, utilitarian sportsman's knife, used for everything from harvesting palm fronds, to dispatching prey, to digging holes.The majority of agricultural tribes make their own knives; nomadic peoples like the Agta purchase theirs from others.

To the bolo, halfway between knife and sword, now falls many of the functions once handled by the battle ax

As with swords, skill in the manufacture of daggers is most developed in the south, where the steel and brass virtuosity of Toledo was imparted to the natives by invading Mohammedans.