Shona-A Black and Tan Rhodesian Ridgeback
Spring Valley's Dark Secret, "Shona"
August 23, 1995-March 2, 2006

Shona, Spring Valley's Dark Secret, was a pure-bred, black and tan Rhodesian Ridgeback with a distinguished pedigree.(Sire: Ch Spring Valley's Absolut ROM, Dam: Spring Valley's Saratoga) She was one of two black and tan pups in a litter ofeight. Her litter mates included Ch Spring Valley's Rachmaninoff and Ch Spring Valley's Abigail. The black and tan color is a recessive trait that occurs infrequently, about 1 in 400 births. Both parents must carry the trait for the black and tan coat color to be realized. Although many people find the black and tan coat attractive, the color does not conform to the breed standard. Consequently, black and tans should not be bred. (See the article on this topic-click here.) Other non standard coat color variants occur and can be seen at a site presented by Kalahari Ridgebacks. As the pictures below show, aside from her color, Shona was in every respect a typical Rhodesian Ridgeback. Occasionally somebody asked Shona if she was a Doberman. She politely declined the compliment. There is a nice comparison of Shona and a Doberman friend on the next page, along with pictures of Shona's favorite vacation spots. Shona sometimes worked as a therapy dog at the Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic at California State University, East Bay.

(Note: Shona died in March 2006 after a long, 19 month battle with lymphoma. During her lifetime she contributed DNA samples for the the study of lymphoma, ridge genetics, and coat color genetics. If you are a Rhodesian Ridgeback owner, please consider registering your dog with the RR Health and Genetics survey and submitting DNA samples to research studies that are appropriate for your dog. Click here to go to the Health and Genetics site.)

Shona's litter mates, including another black and tan (left). Reclining on the bed (right).
Shona's litter mates Shona reclines on the bed

Shona and friends at the park (left). With Dinah the cat (right).
Shona and friends Shona and Dinah the cat

Shona does her therapy dog service at the clinic.
Shona the Therapy Dog Shona the Therapy Dog
Shona the Therapy Dog

Shona the Therapy Dog

More pictures of Shona and friends

Tribute to Jelly the Wonder Dog, Shona's Foster Mom
Black-and-Tan Rhodesian Ridgeback Genetics (Article)
Other Unusual Coat Colors Other low incidence Ridgeback coat colors, courtesy of Kalahari Ridgebacks
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